Hör- und Übungsstücke



  • Fix you

Tenor: Seite 8, Takt 45.m4a

  • And so it goes

Melodie: And so it goes – Melodie.m4a

Sopran ab Takt 17: And so it goes – Sopran.mp3

Mezzo: And so it goes – Mezzo.mp3

Alt: And so it goes – Alt 2.mp3

Bass: And so it goes – Bass.mp3




  • Hold back the River

Chor: Hold back the river – Chor – E-Dur.mp3

Sopran: Hold back the river – Sopran.mp3

Mezzo: Hold back the river – Mezzo.mp3

Alt: Hold back the river – Alt.mp3

Bass: Hold back the river – Bass.mp3


  • What a Day

Chor: What a day – Chor.mp3

Sopran: What a day – Sopran.mp3

Alt: What a day – Alt.mp3

Bass: What a day – Bass.mp3


  • My little Boat

Chor (Tutti-Mix): My little Boat – Tutti-Mix.mp3

Sopran: My little Boat – Sopran.mp3

Mezzo: My little Boat – Mezzo.mp3

Alt: My little Boat – Alt.mp3

Bass: My little Boat – Bass.mp3